American Software – ProQA Paramount

Incident type and case priority determining software – ProQA Paramount is being implemented within 112. The software operates based on international standard compliant protocols. ProQA minimizes human error in the case priority determining and emergency response stages. Furthermore, for particularly difficult cases, ProQA generates first aid instructions, which can save the patient’s life before the ambulance arrives. 

In 2019 112 commenced training EMD and EFD Instructors. The instructors trained 112 call-takers and dispatchers in the series of cascade training sessions. Moreover, 112 relevant units coordinated the integration of ProQA with 112 existing CAD software

Program Advantages : 

  • Simplifies information processing as the key questions are asked in the logical sequence. Questions pop up on the screen upon answering the previous questions.
  • Accurately determines the case priority. The program automatically assesses the severity of the situation.
  • Reduces crew delays in high-priority cases as ProQA correctly assesses priorities and, by freeing up resources in non-emergency cases, addresses them primarily to cases where the risk of lethal outcome is high.
  • Emergency care starts from the first minutes of the call and is continuous until the arrival of the emergency crews – call-taker can provide appropriate and timely first aid instructions for the caller, which allows the citizens to stay safe and act accordingly before the arrival of the professionals. 
    The system has existed for over 25 years and is being used in over 50 countries worldwide. The system consists of three protocols – Police, Fire, and Medical. 
    Since December 12, 2019, 112 has been handling fire/rescue related calls using FPDS protocols. In 2020, 112 will launch MPDS and PPDS protocols as well. 
    With this project, citizens will receive a better service, as PSAP performance quality will improve by applying international standards to the call-handling process.

Multifunctional Map

This innovative and state-of-the-art digital product allows call-takers and dispatchers to see the crew data in real-time (crew/brigade location, disposition, relocation, status). Besides, the map allows analyzing hotspots based on incoming calls. This simplifies the crew/brigade management process.

From 2020 map capabilities will increase and will allow the identification of potentially risky areas (areas that are prone to landslide, virus spread areas) in a timely manner, as well as analysis and processing of statistical data.

The map already covers over 64,000 infrastructural objects. Access to such big data will play a decisive role in disaster prevention and efficient planning of disaster response. 

Electronic Monitoring of Domestic Violence Cases

 Public Safety Command Center 112, in cooperation with the Human Rights Protection Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the financial support of UN Women, is implementing Electronic Monitoring of Domestic Violence Cases

The project envisages protecting victims of domestic violence by placing special monitoring equipment on the offender’s ankle. Electronic Monitoring of Domestic Violence Cases will be operational as soon as the relevant legislative changes are implemented.