Public Safety Command Center 112 has been offering breakdown service since 2014. The introduction of the breakdown service is important for the timely and safe transfer of vehicles temporarily seized in cases of administrative violations and other cases determined by the criminal law. Moreover, any person located in Tbilisi can call 112 to receive the breakdown service.

Breakdown service complies with modern standards. 112 owns modern vehicles and equipment, which allows rapid response. 

In order to maximize safety measures, a protected parking lot is allocated to prevent damage to the vehicle from various natural disasters. In addition, 24/7 surveillance cameras, protective fences, and other infrastructural facilities in the area prevent unauthorized access of third parties to the parking lot.

Parking lots are located on Balanchine street in the Didi Dighomi district and Gakhokidze street in Varketili district.

Contact information: 
591 946 869 / Dighomi /
591 946 876 / Varketili /