Video surveillance system

In order to prevent crime and ensure road safety throughout Georgia, 7253 video cameras are included in the unified network of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 2256 out of the total amount are License plate recognizing video cameras, while the remaining 4997 are general vision video cameras.


· Pursuant to the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection, warning signs are installed at the location of video cameras in order to inform drivers about video surveillance in advance.

license plate recognizing smart cameras

Within the frames of the “Safe City, Safe Region, Safe Country” project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for efficient prevention of crime and ensuring road safety regulations, so-called “Smart Cameras” have been operating since November 1, 2017. The cameras automatically detect 5 most widely-spread administrative violations, namely:

  • Running a red light
  • Crossing double line
  • Driving in the bus lane
  • Driving in the opposite direction
  • Exceeding the speed limit


Sectional Speed Control 

Sectional speed control involves determining the average speed of a vehicle from one point to another. At present, 537 average speed control sections have been launched on the roads of international and domestic importance, on the basis of which 1948 km long road is controlled.

General Vision video Cameras

There are locations where a large amount and variety of administrative violations occur and capabilities of Smart Cameras cannot guarantee the maximum efficiency. In such areas, operators scrutinize and monitor General Vision Cameras to detect administrative violations. 

Identifying Vehicles that have not Undergone mandatory Technical Inspection

Using a special system since 2019, Public Safety Command Center 112 can identify the vehicles that have not undergone mandatory technical inspection. The mentioned system automatically cross-references every plate number with the database of Service Agency of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and identifies the violation. Failure to undergo the technical inspection will result in fine at the amount of 50 GEL for individuals and 200 GEL for legal entities.