Inspection of the video surveillance system of licensed institutions and issuance of the relevant video surveillance installation act

Public Safety Command Center 112 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia determines the compliance of the external video surveillance systems of licensed institutions with the requirements set by Georgian legislation and issues a video surveillance installation act.

  • Gambling institutions 
  • Microfinance institutions
  • Banking institutions
  • Currency exchange points
  • Authorized pharmacy stores
  • Gas stations

To request the video surveillance system inspection, representatives of the above-mentioned institutions can register their requests on the portal. 

For receiving phone consultation about registering a new institution on the portal or requesting technical assistance for already registered institutions, please contact Public Safety Command Center 112 on the following numbers 032 241 96 64, 032 241 96 43 Monday through Friday, 09:00 to 18:00.

After remotely reviewing the applications registered on the portal, within the 30 calendar days of the receipt of the application, 112 organizes non-remote inspection of external video surveillance systems of the licensed institutions throughout the country and determines their compliance with the parameters/characteristics defined by the current legislation.