Place a call to 112 only in case of emergencies. Any situation that requires the engagement of the Police, Fire/Rescue and Ambulance crews qualifies as an emergency 

When contacting 112, the caller must provide the call-taker with the following information:

  • What – type of incident, needed emergency crews
  • Where – exact location of the incident
  • Full name of the caller

Above-listed information is crucially important for the 112 call-taker to be able to provide timely and relevant assistance



  • Speak clearly and vividly and do not hang up the phone before the call-taker finishes talking!
  • Every incoming call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes! 

112 is the single emergency number of Georgia, which was established in 2012 to provide efficient management of emergencies.

Call-takers and dispatchers of 112 handle calls 24/7 and immediately transfer information about the incident to the relevant units. 112 call-takers are the only connection between the callers and the emergency units.